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(By RotoR Collective)

In 2002, the Rotor collective (Vahida Ramujkic and Laia Sadurní) organised a series of explorations in Barcelona's Poblenou, a former industrial neighbourhood that was then in the midst of a process of "reurbanisation" due to the Olympic Games that had just ended and the Forum of Cultures that was about to begin.

We acted directly in this environment, exploring it as a space that was always new and constantly disappearing: we cleared new passageways and temporary short-cuts, crossing and connecting esplanades to demolished (cleared) areas, we verified the obstacles blocking the entrance to restricted access areas, the fences around buildings under construction and visited apartment blocks that had been evicted and their temporary inhabitants, applying and practicing different physical disciplines for moving and exploration, on a search for adventures.

A work by Rotor

Film by Dionís Escorsa

17min 30sec · 2002