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Solo por placer
(by Angels Margarit)

Solo por placer begins with a first part based on Georges Perec’s Petite Pensée Placide n.1 and is linked through two other parts —geographies and solo por placer— which follow uninterruptedly and at the same time refer to and interrogate each other.

Solo por placer is a piece that speaks to us of the trace and of the space that seek correspondences between that which is seen, that which is heard, and that which is felt.

Solo por placer posits the tension that exists between the pleasure of dancing and the pain of creating.

The pleasure of the trace, of the energy, of the forthrightness of the body expressing the thought and the emotion of the present instant and the pain of the distance, of the writing, of the reflection…

Petite pensée placide nº1

Any cat owner will rightly say that cats live in houses much better than men do. Even in the most horribly square spaces, they know how to find their own corners.

Georges Perec, Espèces d’espaces Ed. Galilée. Paris 2003 Trad. William Bain

2005 · Dance Show

Created by: Mudances contemporary dance company
Director: Angels Margarit
Videos on stage by: Dionis Escorsa


Shown at:

2005 Theatre Lliure. Barcelona.
La cuarta pared. Madrid.
Festival de Teatre al carrer. Tarrega.
Nuovo Teatro Nuovo. Naples.
Festival BAD Foundry. Bilbao.
Atrium. Viladecans. Barcelona
L'Estruch. Sabadell. Barcelona
Cultural Center Cardedeu. Barcelona
2006 Salt Theatre. Salt, Girona.
Teatro del Matadero. Lleida.
/Sala Beckett. Barcelona
Festival Besieged. Montevideo. Uruguay.
2007 Künstlerhouse Mousonturm. Frankfurt. Germany.
TanzWrkStatt. Munich. Germany.
Joy Theatre. Terrassa
Agora de la danse. Montreal. Canada.
Theater Danza. San José. Costa Rica.
FEPADE Auditorium. San Salvador. El Salvador. Central Dairy. Cádiz
2009 Centre for Contemporary Culture L'Abattoir. Elche. Valencia.
Baryshnikov Arts Center. New York. USA.