Dionis Escorsa Conciencia ficción

Conscience fiction 14 min · Short film


Dionis Escorsa Conciencia ficción

The skin of music 14 min · Short film


Y Dionis Escorsa

Y 1 hour 31 min · Feature film


Conciencia ficcion Dionis Escorsa

La poca casa 6 min · Short film


erails Dionis Ecorsa

E-rails 3 min · Short film


Room service for bombed buildings Dionis Escorsa

Room service for bombed buildings 17 min version / 27 min version · Short film


Sin mi no serías nada Dionis Escorsa

Without me you would be nothing 10 min · Short film


The final discussion Dionis Escorsa

The final discussion 41 sec · Video / Installation with glass, piano and videoprojection


Dionis Escorsa

Shooting the streetlights 23 min · Short film


Dionis Escorsa

Malicious self portrait / Media silence 1 min 46 sec · Short film / 20 sec · Performance


Roots garden Dionis Escorsa

Roots garden 1hour 30 min · Interactive video


Dionis Escorsa

Cinema over photography 15 super8 projectors screening variable lenght films in loop over photographies · Installation


Walls of oil Dionis Escorsa

The walls of oil Photographies + Painted photographies + Paintings


Slow light Dionis Escorsa

Slow light Variable videoinstallations / Short films


The absent one Dionis Escorsa

The absent one 2 hours approx. in loop · Videoinstallation


The sun Dionis Escorsa

Alba Installation




How to mistreat falseness Dionis Escorsa

How to mistreat falseness 3 min in loop · Videoinstallation


Parcelona Dionis Escorsa

Air Autonomy Journeys Videoblog



Double disapparition Dionis Escorsa

Double disapparition 5 Photographies + 1 Text


Kidnapping the gallery owner Dionis Escorsa

Kidnapping the gallery owner Videoblog



Butterflies collections

Collections 3 Individual boxes + 1 Showcase with the complete collection · Videoinstallations


Rabbits for sale Dionis Escorsa

Rabbits for sale Rabbits over photographies · Installation



Blue poison Dionis Escorsa

Blue poison Installation + 1 Painting


To careless form far away

To pet from afar Birds in cages with open doors + Variable videoinstallations + Short films


Um barulho de fundo Renata Lucas

Background noise (by Renata Lucas) 5 videos of different lenghts in loop + Security cam monitors room · Installation


in)civic Dionis Escorsa

In)civic Board game


Rotor Dionis Escorsa Videokryptomashine

Videokryptomashine App for encrypting messages using videos


Dionis Escorsa

Devolutions Paintings + Photographies


Book of dead Dionis Escorsa

Book of dead 1 Super8 projection over photography + Paintings


Teather Dionis Escorsa

Theater 11 sec · Short film




Dionis Escorsa

Solo por placer (by Angels Margarit) Videoscenography



Homes Ernesto Collado Dionis Escorsa

Homes (by Ernesto Collado) Videoscenography